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Our 8 Top Tips for a successful event...


Now and then it’s important to raise your head above the parapet, mix with the good and great of the NI Business community, enjoy a bit of networking and work on your leadership and personal development.

Last week had all this in 'spades'. Although we learnt a lot about how we could improve our events, we also realized what a good job we already do when running our own conferences and meetings for our clients. (Yes, that sounds very full of ourselves, and not very self-depreciating 'Northern Irish!’) But the three events we attended confirmed that all the little things we at Bespoke Northern Ireland worry and stress about are the right things to worry and stress about; as when they go wrong the effects can be disastrous!

 Here are some things we picked up from the recent events we’ve attended…

1. Always invest in AV support! It’s worth it to pay for a technician, even if it means cutting down to a cheaper buffet option to make the budget fit. Don’t embarrass your keynote by slides that won’t     work or sound that is too loud or too quiet
2. Make sure you emphasize the timings to your speakers, so that other speakers don’t have to rush. It’s ok to be strict!
3. Make sure your speaker is appropriate to the theme of the conference. Are folk there to learn something or to be entertained?  
4. Get your numbers right. Don’t hire an external venue due to increased numbers to be left with the expense when only a few attend in the end. Check attendance prior to the event to gauge the space required
5. Good signage is great. We love clear directions. This all aids workshop movement and start time
6. A warm welcome sets the tone for the rest of the event
7. You can never have enough roving mics!
8. Survey your delegates after your event so you can improve for next time and hear about the things you did well, too. 

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